somebody battle me on pokemon, give me your 3DS code

i wish TERFs would stop running around and shooting foam darts at everything

how much money would it cost to commission bad dragon to make me a shamshel dildo


I love u plastic worm bike man

early in megaman sprite game, megaman asks if he can make the magic b-balls into pasta, and at the final boss, he can use pasta made out of the magic b-balls to heal himself. this is a perfect joke, it has a set up and a pay off.

nobody ever lets played megaman sprite christmas as far as i know

i love watching lets plays of megaman sprite game, i like listening to them in the background.

i just found an old angelfire website full of evangelion midis, i wish i could retroactively insert these into megaman sprite game



hi i’m avanna, i’m a 16 year old mentally ill trans girl. i have been living with roommates after running away from an abusive home, but now i have until may 1st to move out, if i don’t find somewhere to stay by them i’m going to be homeless. if anyone…