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Fanart Rin and all of his reincarnations from Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou! This game has quickly become one of my favourites, the world and it’s many characters are so interesting!


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Allow me to tell you a story, child.


"Stay awhile and listen!"

Back around the time you were born, the Internet was a toddler too, and very little illustrates this like a game called Elf Bowling. This game from NStorm hit the web in 1998. Like many of the whack-a-mole games of that time, it was very simple and involved physical abuse.

In this case, Santa was bored and decided to go bowling, using his elves as pins while a reindeer watched.


The elves scream in high-pitched synchronized fear every time Santa bowls, and their crushed bodies are swept away into darkness by a giant squeegee.


Also, the game is really boring, like all bowling games.

Because the internet was still in diapers, of course it went completely viral in 1999.

And it kind of destroyed the Internet.

See, back in those days, most email users were using a program like Outlook Express to download messages to their computer.


This was before webmail was a thing. A majority of users at this time were still on dial-up (some were lucky enough to get a steady 56k connection, but many would be stuck at 33.6, or even worse, 18.8) and email systems were built to quickly move tiny text messages back and forth. A huge essay-like email to your mom explaining why you need more money? That’s a kilobyte or two in plain text and an email system blasts that out with no issues.

Elf Bowling is 1.1mb.

With a strong 56k connection, 1.1mb takes at least two and half minutes to download.

Outlook Express 5, which came with Windows 98, had a default server timeout of 60 seconds.

In 1999, everybody emailed it to everyone they know.

I was working as an internet tech support rep at the time, and here’s what happened:

  1. Elf Bowling would appear in your inbox on the server.
  2. You would attempt to download new messages.
  3. Everything before Elf Bowling would download fine.
  4. The server would time out trying to download the Elf Bowling file.
  5. The email would not be deleted from the server or marked as downloaded.
  6. Later on you’d try to get new messages and it would start to download Elf Bowling again, preventing new emails from getting through.

Eventually, it might download, or when you called tech support they had you increase the timeout, but then you’d play the stupid game and try to send it to every person you’ve ever met with an email address.

For the entire holiday season that year, email servers were under assault by this stupid game.

And that was only one half of the story. The file that was being sent around was elfbowling.exe.

People were downloading and running an unknown executable file.

Eventually, a chain email started going around, warning that elf bowling was a virus and it was going to delete all the information on your computer on Dec 25th at midnight, but this was determined to be a hoax.

There are two points here:

First off, fuck you, Elf Bowling


Secondly, kaanekii, marvel at where we have come in just your lifetime. I can watch Doctor Who streaming in HD on my phone, and just 16 years ago, one megabyte of Santa being a jackass almost destroyed the Internet’s email infrastructure.





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i’m going to address this one point at a time and this is the last thing i have to say about this because i am tired of you telling lies and half-truths to paint me as some kind of fucking monster.

1. i never manipulated you. i never did anything. the context of our relationship was originally a friendship; we became friends in about mid-2014 when i was 18 years old. i invited you to a group chat shortly after that consisted of me and a few trans girl friends.

2. the way you told me you liked me was back in january/february you called me on skype dead on your ass drunk while i was going through a suicide crisis and told me that i couldn’t leave you and i couldn’t DO THIS TO YOU because you LOVED me so much. i spent the next 1-2 hours in a call with you trying to calm you down and in the middle of that went and fucking threw up so the pills i took wouldn’t kill me. the context there is you were telling a 19 year old girl who had recently started her transition that you were in love with her and she coudln’t leave you, while you, someone almost ten years older, were fucking drunk on everclear.

3. the relationship became sexual when you started fucking flirting with me. i was never, ever, ever even REMOTELY sexual interested in you because i’m not attracted to you! because i was scared of you! because the way you behaved in group chats was frightening!

4. i fucking resent so hard you turning our sexual relationship into “i was so uncomfortable with fucking this 19 year old” when literally you’re the one who did it. the first time we met we had a fucking threesome within two hours; you asked to cuddle me and then you and your girlfriend started groping me and kissing me and taking my clothes off. that is exactly what fucking happened and i don’t know how the fuck you’re going to dispute that when i could just ask her myself. (not to mention the weird shit you did when you wanted to fuck me! but hey let’s not talk about that since apparently you “remember it differently” and i guess that means it’s unfair of me to bring up how you fucking me reminded me of the time i was raped at 9 years old!)

5. i came to other people because you fucking scared me and i wanted confirmation that i wasn’t being crazy; i wanted confirmation from others that i wasn’t making up everything about you and that i had good reasons to be scared. funnily enough, several of these people thought similar things!! who fucking knew! there’s a fucking REASON when we remade the group chat we DIDN’T INVITE YOU UNTIL YOU MADE A BIG FUCKING FUSS ABOUT IT; WE ARE SCARED OF YOU AND THE WAY YOU TALK AND OPERATE AND HAVE BEEN FOR MONTHS

6. i came up to visit you in portland after you screamed for hours at my friends who were housing me in california and hten ORDERED them to not tell me about it. i found out about it anyway and found out how scared they were of you and the way you told them that i wasn’t allowed to know things! you screamed at them because i spent too much money while in their care and then told them you were moving me to portland all while not telling me!

7. you told me i was “visiting” portland. you didn’t tell me i was moving there. you didn’t tell me i was moving in with you. you didn’t tell me i was going to be the SECOND homeless girl moving into your 2-bedroom apartment for a total of 4 people on no furniture. you told everyone EXCEPT For me, deliberately, because you knew i’d be uncomfortable with it. because i was! after i came up to visit you you kept talking to me about “settling down” and “getting my things set up here” and i was confused! incredibly confused! i didn’t find out you intended for me to fucking move in with you until i was already on the train up to visit talking to friends on skype. i had no fucking clue what was happening because YOU TOLD PEOPLE NOT TO TELL ME; YOU UNDERMINED MY AGENCY AND TOOK EVERYTHING FROM ME BECAUSE YOU WANTED ME TO BE YOUR FUCKING GIRLFRIEND

8. i finally became okay with moving in with you; i had a crush on your spouse, with which you didn’t really have a relationship! you were on the verge of being separated and were staying in seperate rooms. i asked you permission to hang out with her because i felt that would be polite; you gave it, happily. i asked your permission to become intimate with her and you gave it, in much the same fashion. i later found out she asked you if she could be intimate with me, and you approved it. about a week into my stay with you she and i became intimate, you walked in on it, and got extremely upset. at one point we locked the door so you wouldn’t walk in on us and you became physically and verbally violent. i started making plans to leave and you had to fucking walk out and almost drag me back in because you didn’t want me gone. we never fucking asked you to move out or even IMPLIED it. i started sleeping in sam’s room because your violence and anger made me uncomfortable and scared, and you took that as me somehow fucking blacklisting you or intentionally trying to hurt you. we didn’t fucking force you to move out; you went to seattle to hang out with your girlfriend and while over there messaged us over skype letting us know that you were getting a divorce and moving out. we didn’t do SHIT in that department, that was entirely. fucking. you.

9. i literally never claimed anyone was a teenager other than myself idk where the fuck this is coming from but hey! your targets of abuse and manipulation just so happen to be young trans kids in their late teens/early 20s so What Do I Know

10. oh boy. the greatest cover up ever; lie and then say “i’m going to get accused of lying”, how completely fucking undone and how unheard of as a tactic of abuse!

you moved me into your house under false pretenses, treated me with violence and subjected me to a stressful and disgusting home environment, and then fucking moved out when you got mad at me friendzoning you. that’s what fucking happened you absolute child

It is important to note monetizeyourcat has admitted to all of this on her blog. myc is reknowned for a particular brand of ‘erase maleness’ philosophy that does not take intersectionality into account and uses identity politics to imply a moral goodness based on your identity, and implies changing your identity will change how good you are. this allows a framework of abuse to be formed under the pretense that someone cannot possibly be capable of abuse, because they identify as a certain way or apply certain labels to themselves. do not allow people to use identity politics to mask abusive behavior.


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Leaf bug (Phyllium giganteum)

this is a good leaf






This picture of my cat celebrating Hanukkah is not feminism.

Tomorrow I will divulge one more thing that is not feminism. Stay tuned.

this picture of a cat celebrating Hanukkah is actually the culmination of feminism 

cats celebrating Hanukkah is actually the most feminist symbol of our time. perhaps our entire generation.